Devi’s Bliss: a story of Noelle

A Story of Noelle

He changed my life in a moment.

I was too busy to get close. I had no time for distractions. I was clawing together the kind of security I never had growing up.

Until R made it too hard to stay away.

I had the perfect touch for unforgettable pleasure. My clients were happy. It was what I did. And when he came along, he promised to be the savior I didn’t need. No thanks. I was just fine on my own.

But after one touch, one taste, it was bliss. I wanted to bolt.

Then he made it impossible.

An exceptionally provocative and sensuous ride...--Acquisitions editor

Just the right mix of sexual play and dirty talk--Mile High KINK Book Club

Digital pages immediately steamed up with the couple's instant chemistry...--Up 'Til Dawn Book Blog

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