Devi’s Bliss: a story of Jewel

A Story of Jewel

They said I was nothing. But they were wrong.

Nice things like praise and pats on the back were foreign to me, always having been reserved for other girls—the ones who were prettier, smarter, thinner and well… just more.

So I vowed to prove them wrong. That I was somebody who deserved to be desired, cherished, and loved. And just when I thought it would never happen, Mr. C stepped into my private massage room. A silver fox wanting a hot, sexy message. Wanting me.

Our passion could be my salvation–or my downfall. His love could be the key to winning my battles–or the end of the line, proving that I would never, ever, amount to anything.

Very erotic Mika Lane you cannot go wrong with Devi's girls. - Foodiegirl
If you like your stories short and super hot, these may be just the books you are looking for. -- LynnieH
Mika has done it again with another hot and steamy story. I can't wait to read more. -- PL
I recommend this book, (and the series) because the author doesn’t suggest that meeting “Mr. Right” guarantees an HEA, but rather provides the POSSIBILITY of one. --M

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