Devi’s Bliss: a story of Gaia

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It’s time for Gaia Moon to claw her way out of the despair she’s been living with for far too long.

Mr. H, a rich, sexy, successful entrepreneur has just entered the picture as Gaia’s new sensual massage client. He makes her head spin, and almost forget her problems. At least for the ninety minutes they’re together.

But her interest in him feels wrong. You see, not long ago she lost someone she loved. And damn if Mr. H doesn’t make her want to tear off her clothes and let him have his way with her. Again.

How can she hold on to her memories, but leave her anguish behind? It’s got a hold on her that might be stronger than Mr. H’s. And he’s not the kind of guy who’ll wait around forever.

Let Gaia Moon show you the sensual existence of a Devi’s Bliss girl. You just may fall down a rabbit hole of your own exquisite passion.

The fifth novella in the Devi’s Bliss series from Mika Lane, writer of hot, steamy, romance.

Available now! Visit Amazon today.

Love the chemistry between the characters and the sisters. –FG

Ms. Lane crosses boundaries with her sensuous, emotionally charged stories. Enter with an open mind, exit with a slightly bruised heart. –IC

If you like a story where a woman finally gets something good out of life, then read this. –GR

I can’t wait to dive into the rest of this series! –S

I recommend this book, (and the series) because the author doesn’t suggest that meeting “Mr. Right” guarantees an HEA, but rather provides the POSSIBILITY of one. –M

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