Devi’s Bliss: a story of Dakini

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At first glance, Dakini St. Onge’s life looks damn perfect. She’s got an amazing view condo, a glam art collection, and a sparkly new convertible.

But appearances are not always what they seem. Just a smidge below the surface, her life is in a shambles. She could lose her material possessions—but that’s just stuff. What’s truly terrifying is that her friends and beloved job could slip right through her fingers. All because of a hideous, painful secret that just won’t stay hidden.

And a sexy new client she just serviced—let’s call him Mr. A—is hot on her trail. He’s great, but what’s the point? He’ll start asking questions, and the answers are ugly. He won’t stick around. No one ever does

Let Dakini St. Onge show you the sensual existence of a Devi’s Bliss girl. You just may fall down a rabbit hole of your own exquisite passion.

The second novella in the Devi’s Bliss series from Mika Lane, writer of hot, steamy, romance.

Available now! Visit Amazon today.

A sexy, romantic read that not only stimulates the senses but leaves you with a feeling of hope. –Nicki

Mika has a natural talent for drawing the reader in. –M

A lesson in recovery. –QP


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