Devi’s Bliss: a story of Dakini

A Story of Dakini

Appearances were not always what they seemed. Especially mine.

Just beneath the surface, my life was a wreck. All because of a hideous, painful secret that I'd spend years trying to hide. And now I could lose my job, my friends--my everything.

So when A, a new visitor to Devi’s Bliss, served me some untamed passion, all I wanted to do was surrender. But I couldn’t risk his really knowing me. He’d start asking questions, and the answers would be ugly. He wouldn’t stick around. No one ever did.

He'd bail.

Unless I did, first.

A sexy, romantic read that not only stimulates the senses but leaves you with a feeling of hope. --Nicki
Mika has a natural talent for drawing the reader in. --M
A lesson in recovery. --QP

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