Devi’s Bliss: a story of Aurora

No matter how far or how hard I ran, there was no escape.


Three thousand miles, and I was still being chased by the thing that nearly destroyed me. And every last call from home was just another reminder of what I lost, and what I left behind.

Then S wandered into Devi’s Bliss, and right into my heart. But the agony of my past threatened to keep us apart. No matter how hard I hoped otherwise, I knew he couldn’t help me.

But he was determined to prove me wrong.

Devi’s Bliss: a Story of Aurora can be read as a stand-alone story. Enjoy its passion as you are pulled into the sensual world of a Devi’s Bliss girl. Read Aurora’s story today, and find out if she lives her happily ever after.

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The author writes with great descriptions, often lacking in this genre of books that are mostly explicit sex rather than story. –MK
I liked that Aurora felt comfortable with her sexual side. –NS
This is one second chance romance you won’t want to miss. –JAR
I love Mika Lane’s books. She is an exciting and unique voice among her counterparts. –CB

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