San Francisco: A Crafty Shopping Adventure

The Ribbonierie is a couple blocks from my apartment.  It carries, as you might guess, ribbon. Miles and miles of ribbon. In every color in the rainbow ribbon. Silk, cotton, and linen ribbon. Satin, velvet, grosgrain, metallic, stripes, polka dots, lace, and netting ribbon. Oh, and vintage ribbon too.

So, so much ribbon.

The Ribbonerie opened in 1997 on the other side of town, in Potrero Hill. When a florist shop closed on Sacramento Street a couple years ago, the owner, Paulette Knight, jumped at the opportunity for better foot traffic and moved in. Her current location, in Presidio Heights, is a picture-perfect corner store loaded with bright and beautiful treats that every time I walk by I have to stop, admire, and drool over. Even if you’re not a craft-loving person like I am you’ll still appreciate her ability to create works of art with her merchandising skills. The place is, simply, gorgeous.

Paulette began collecting ribbon from France and all over the world years ago. She makes her finds available to us lucky San Franciscans with the largest retail collection of specialty ribbon in the western U.S. and I can vouch for that! The choices she offers are vast.

The Ribbonerie is not only chock full of every ribbon known to humankind, but also decorated with the original mercantile displays used a century ago in the shops where women would purchase all the fabric and trims they needed to sew their own clothes. Few of us make our clothes these days, but this is one place in San Francisco that every maker, DIYer, and general creator should know about. It’s all I can do to resist buying more ribbon than I could ever imagine having a use for. What’s the harm in stocking up you ask? Well you obviously haven’t seen how small my apartment is…

There are many chic shops on Sacramento Street these days but the wonderland that is The Ribbonerie is in a class of its own. Never have I seen a shop so bright, beautiful, inviting, and full of endless creative possibility. I dare you to walk by without finding something to bring home.
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  1. Karen, I used to work for a girl that designed belts from ribbon. She sold them to high end stores and did trunk shows.

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