Crafting: Frenchy Stamped Stationery

Mother’s Day is coming and I wanted to make something fun for Mr. MikaLane’s mom, whom I just adore.  She is the coolest of ladies (IT guru! tennis optim-final-packet-stationerychamp! total cutie!) and a real Francophile so I thought French-themed stationery would be just the thing for her. And since I love glitter I though it would make the prettiest set of notecards.


    • blank stationery (I love kraft paper; found this on eBay)
    • some cool stamps (I used French-y ones but anything will look great)
    • glue pad (looks like an ink pad but it’s a glue-filled sponge)
    • glitter for sprinkling onto the glue
    • paper plates or something to catch the extra glitter
    • pretty ribbon to tie it all together


No big surprise, I found most of my supplies at Michael’s.  The glitter, which comes in amazing colors, is part of the Martha Stewart crafting collection.  She also has her own glue pads but I got something that had a larger pad area since some of my stamps, like the Eiffel Tower, were fairly large.


  • press your stamp into the glue pad
  • press the stamp firmly onto the paper
  • sprinkle glitter over the glue and watch the design appear
  • let dry for a couple hours
  • pour extra glitter back into containers for next time
  • tie with a pretty ribbon and enjoy!

I want to add that even after tapping off the excess there might still be a bit of loose glitter on the stationery.  I put my card sets in plastic bags I found at ULINE packaging supplies.  They come in tons of different sizes and protect the cards nicely.



  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I realy appreciate your
    efforts and I am waiting for ykur next pozt thank you once again.


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