Think: It’s Good to Be Home


My sisters and I were together for Christmas, the first time we'd seen each other in over a year. Two of us descended on the  home of the lucky third (and her family), at her great house out in the Maryland countryside. For someone like me, who lives in a tiny San Francisco apartment, visiting there is like being at a resort. There's tons of room to spread out, a fully stocked pantry, toys to play with (archery, anyone?), and endless woods to explore. And truly, you’ve never seen the likes of … [Read more...]

Crafting: Zippered Box Pouch


At a recent blogger conference I attended, the fabric manufacturer Michael Miller Fabrics gave out some of their gorgeous printed cotton for free! They provided instructions to make a zippered box pouch, and I set to work. The result is adorable and I can't wait to make more in different sizes and in different fabrics. Try it for yourself! Materials: 1 10” nylon zipper 2 10”x7” panels for the outside of the pouch 2 10”x7” panels for the lining (inside) of the pouch Fusible (iron-on) … [Read more...]

Eat: Apple Pie


An apple pie | When it looks nice | Would make one long | To have a slice |. When I was growing up, and pie was for dessert, which was usually just on Thanksgiving, my dad would recite this poem. It popped into my head the other day when I got a wild hair and decided to make an apple pie. I know a lot of recipes promise “easy apple pie,” but this recipe really is the basic of the basics. It just doesn't get any easier, aside from letting someone else made it for you! It's absolutely … [Read more...]

Crafting: Addicted to Etsy

pine cone pic

I can spend hours looking at the cool merchandise on Etsy, and knowing it’s made by small crafters and business people makes it even more fun. Sure, there’s some stuff on there that doesn’t work for me, but most of it, even if I don’t necessarily want it, is pretty impressive. In fact, last Christmas, about 90% of the gifts I gave came from Etsy! The other day, when snooping, I stumbled upon all sorts of cool Fall-ish merchandise.  I hope you like these goodies as much as I do, and get as … [Read more...]

San Francisco: Scooter Girl, That’s Me


I got a scooter! Very exciting. Next step is to get rid of my car and I’ll be a thoroughly urban scooter girl. And for those of you who are wondering, when I absolutely need four wheels, I’ll grab them from either City Car Share or Zip Car, the two car-share programs that have done so well here in San Francisco. As excited as I am about the new scoot – a Sym Fiddle, 125cc, for those who are interested – I can’t actually ride it yet. I don’t know about other states, but here in California you … [Read more...]

Crafting: Zippered Waterproof Pouch


I found some fantastic laminated cotton that I couldn’t pass up for my latest DIY. My idea was to craft some zippered waterproof travel bags. Actually, it wasn't my idea. It came from my friend Elise (Elise gets a bag!).  I have to say I’m so happy with the results that I’m putting these babies in my Etsy Shop. In case you’re inclined to make your own (which I encourage!), I’m sharing the instructions with you here. My last sewing post, the Zippered Lingerie Pouch, was well received, so here's … [Read more...]

Eat: Dijon Spice Cookies


Recipes for chicken with Dijon mustard, salmon with Dijon mustard, salad dressing with Dijon mustard, and potatoes with Dijon mustard abound. But have you ever heard of cookies with Dijon mustard? No, didn't think so. Neither had I. I came across a mustard cookie recipe from Gourmet that I just had to try. And of course I tweaked it to my liking, because I can never follow a recipe word for word without making my mark. The original called for molasses but I thought honey might be more subtle. … [Read more...]

Eat: Fall Bean Salad


I made the most delicious salad today. I was dying for something fresh, light, and quick, that wouldn't feel like a brick in my stomach at yoga. I found something along the lines of what I was craving on and tweaked it quite a bit for my liking. There are all kinds of things you can add to this salad, and I plan to try some new veggies next time I make it. … [Read more...]

San Francisco: A Crafty Shopping Adventure


The Ribbonierie is a couple blocks from my apartment.  It carries, as you might guess, ribbon. Miles and miles of ribbon. In every color in the rainbow ribbon. Silk, cotton, and linen ribbon. Satin, velvet, grosgrain, metallic, stripes, polka dots, lace, and netting ribbon. Oh, and vintage ribbon too. So, so much ribbon. The Ribbonerie opened in 1997 on the other side of town, in Potrero Hill. When a florist shop closed on Sacramento Street a couple years ago, the owner, Paulette Knight, … [Read more...]

Travel: Paris Houseboats


I had to squeeze in one last France story.  Actually, a Paris story. We took the obligatory Seine boat cruise when in Paris, and although it felt a little dorky, it was actually lovely to get views of the city from the water, instead of the usual other way around. Most of the boating traffic on the Seine seems geared toward tourism with an occasional barge (peniche) creeping along, carrying cargo of some sort. The only vessels in abundance were long, narrow, low-slung houseboats whose … [Read more...]